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The Right Words for Results

Resources for Business Copywriting

No one has paid for a recommendation.

We are often bombarded with better ways to communicate, whether we are receiving information or trying to obtain information. We hope you will find the web sites listed here of interest. We do not endorse these products; however, we think some of them may be useful to you.


Advertising Ideas

AdCracker is an interactive tool designed to spark advertising and marketing concepts.

Collaborative Comunication Tools

Gliffy is a collaborative online tool to create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more!designed to spark advertising and marketing concepts.


Technorati tells you what bloggers are saying now. The site also helps you scan news articles, videos, and photos.

Free Stuff

Free printables thousands of printable documents & template at no cost


Brain Shark for creating, sharing and tracking online and mobile video presentations

Customer Focus Calculator - Free tool to assess how you focus on customers rather than yourself.

Google Tidbits

Google Analytics helps you understand how to make the most money out of your website with details about your ads, your keywords, and your content.

Google Local helps local businesses connect with prospects.

Google Voice Local Search is Google’s service to make local-business search accessible over the phone.

Google Trends lets you see how your website traffic compares to your competitors. You can also see search words that are being used to find competitors.

Google Labs showcases their favorite ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time.

Google Docs makes it easy to share your spreadsheet or word processing documents on the Web.

Google Goggles searches the Internet with your cell phone pictures instead of words. Goggles shows you what businesses are nearby.

Google Living Stories presents news, specifically for the online environment. The project was developed by Google in collaboration with The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Google News Alerts makes it easy to keep tabs on a topic that interests you.

Google Squared creates easy-to-read tables of information for search requests. It builds tables with row and columns of your choice.

Phone and Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Google Voice A sure way to never miss any calls, and not take a call you want to miss!

Skype is free software for Macs and Pc's that lets you make free local and international calls to anyone in the world.

Press Releases

Email Wire Press Release Service publishes and distributes releases to your favorite target media.


WebWire Press Release Service distributes releases to Internet readers (no newspapers, magazines, etc).


Technology Companies looking for Publicity If you’re a software technology company, this site is for you.


Publicity Sources


Publicity Hound lists all types of resources to get the word out about you.


Searching for Information


Harvard Business School Baker Library's website is an excellent self-service tool for business research.


BizStats collects, analyzes, edits, and small business statistics at no cost.


Financial Times Online Glossary for economic, financial, and business terms.


The Internet Public Library answers questions for you when you cannot locate information on the Internet.


Product Searches using Amazon’s technology - to help you find what you want on global e-commerce sites.


Scientific, technical and medical research online rental service for just $0.99.


Small non-profit website devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading


Box.net Free sharing for large files online. You can store 1 GB of web-storage with a 25 MB file size limit.


Jott for turning voice messages into text or email messages.


Marketing Profs – Smart Thinking . . . pass it on. Free access to thousands of Marketing Resources.


Task Manager for setting due dates, getting reminders, creating lists.


Social Media


Social Oomph is a free Twitter tool to write messages in advance that are posted at a designated date in the future.


Web Site Ideas


Website Grader is a free seo tool that provides basic advice on the marketing effectiveness of your website.



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