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All customer testimonials on this website were provided without compensation, incentives, or rewards.

"Lesley Peters provided us with content for our website. She was more than helpful; her ideas were inspirational. Her business insights provided us with a fresh approach for our content. One of the major pluses of working with her was that she presented us a variety of options. The wealth of experience, direction, and insight she shared made putting our website together much easier. We could not have done it without her. When we need any writing services in the future, Lesley will be our first choice!"

J.L. and E.L., Tampa, Florida

"Lesley helped me write a business plan for one of my projects. Her greatest strength was that she helped me focus on what were the most important aspects of the project, and great value by providing concepts and ideas that weren't part of my original plan.

She has huge amounts of patience to make sure I stayed on track, and keep my business goals in mind at all times. Lesley asks great questions, and managed my project beautifully. Her sense of humor, fun, and interest in my success made my job far easier, as we worked through all the details of my business plan. Her gracious manner and attention to detail was a pleasure. I'd be happy to work with Lesley any time in the future."

Dr. Robert Levine, Florida Biomechanics Group

"I want you to know what you've contributed to my quest to go to law school. You took on the research project with joy, enthusiasm, intelligence and caring. The information you provided me is invaluable. You knew the places to look and the questions to ask.

Any thought I put forth to you, you took graciously, followed up and communicated back about in a professional manner. For me to have created the amount of actionable information you did would have taken me two or three times what you invested, assuming I would've started, much less finished. look forward to working with Lesley again on our next documentation project.”

Debbie Baker, London Baker Group

Working with Lesley was a real pleasure. Her follow-up and professionalism was a breath of fresh air in a time when good customer service is hard to come by. Lesley made herself available on short notice to help us complete important documentation we needed for a critical project. Thanks to her speedy contribution and organizational skills we were able to complete the project on-time with complete success! We look forward to working with Lesley again on our next documentation project.”

Keith Fulton, Owner, Fulton Insurance Group, Inc.

"I enjoy writing. The problem is seeing my own work as my audience would. I wanted someone to provide emphasis, clarity and where needed, a scalpel. Lesley brought my work to a level I would not have achieved on my own. Besides, working with Lesley was a genuine pleasure.

Terry Schilling, Marketing Manager, Tugboat Software

"It was a pleasure to work with someone that really knows how to listen, asks the right questions, and delivers excellent work. When outsourcing copywriting projects, I'm looking for a long term partnership that will deliver results. Lesley Peter proved to be such a resource, creating quality work with the right message."

Daniel Kuperman, Director of Marketing, Quadrant Software

"Lesley has been a moderating influence on our recent workshop development project.  Her experience and insight have helped temper wayward enthusiasm and focus it to achieve milestones that advance our goals.  Her willingness to devote considerable time and efforts to learn and see from our perspective has helped to add to her valuable external viewpoints.  She has been professional, courteous, and dedicated to helping us be successful, and that is all too uncommon today."

Anthony Quartararo, Spatial Networks

"The more we work together the better the results are and my appreciation for your skill continues to grow! I can speak to your competence and compassion as an editor as well as your ability to turn word stuff into great communication."

Alan T. Clark, Certified Associate, Institute for International Business


"Lesley is a delight to work with.  I have worked with her on the web development of a corporate recruiter.  Lesley assisted the client in developing their web based corporate communications.  Lesley delivered the work on time with the highest degree of professionalism."

Ken Brasch, Perot Systems


"Several things stood out while working with you:

You asked probing questions that helped me make sure I was looking at the project from several perspectives. Your level of "wordsmithing truly helped me focus on the true message I wanted to send. Your input on the look and feel of what I was looking for was right on the mark."

Michael Howard, JM Franchising Solutions


"I highly recommend Lesley Peters for assistance with developing materials. She recently helped me develop a newsletter for a National Organization. Her work was professional, timely and of high quality. Lesley was able to put the content I desired into a document that could be shared with a member base of 400 individuals who span across small business, government, private and public companies. The content was clear, easy to read and pleasing to the eye. I appreciated Lesley’s 'magic touch'! She made my job easy for me!"

Connie Flohr, Tampa, Florida


""In every way, Qualified Communications met or exceeded our expectations.  Qualified Communications met our deadlines and worked within strict budget parameters while delivering the level of quality we demanded. Above all Qualified Communications understood and addressed our business issues and strategies.  We appreciated Qualified Communications ability to quickly understand our software products and to interface with our staff in a non-intrusive and professional manner.  From our initial meetings to the delivery of the final product, it was a first-class effort.   Thank you for a job well done. "

Craig Sanders, Enporion, Inc.


"Lesley Peters provided me with assistance for developing materials for a new marketing campaign.  The letters she created for me were professional, focused and carried the perfect tone for my campaign and prospects.  She listened to what I wanted and delivered the letters in a timely and effective way!"

Michael Whitcomb, President, Loricca


"Qualified Communication SVCS provided my small engineering company timely and economical professional writing services.  Their work is proficient and their support is flexible, which is a necessity for small business!"

Melissa McCormick, CFO, McCormick, Stevenson Corporation


"Lesley's work  has been exceptional.  She is able to get a firm understanding of the project and can develop fresh, dynamic and authoritative content for the wide range of subjects we throw at her.  We will absolutely use Lesley in the future."

Ken Walker, Director of Search Marketing, Linkshare





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