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The Right Words for Results

Better Ways with Technical Communication
So Your Clients Know How to Use Your Products

Are you looking for the kind of information your customers need to be productive when they use your products?

Consider technical communication that makes it easier for your customers to perform their tasks quickly and easily. Your goal is to ensure your customers understand what your products do, with ease and speed.

The Why of Technical Writer Questions

When working with clients, we'll spend time discussing your business. You'll tell me about the goals for your technical content. You let me know about who you want to reach and why. Some items to discuss are:

1) As a writer with technical experience, I want to know about your audience(s). You need content that speaks to them, to what their challenges are, and what they need to know.

For instance, are you trying to reach end users, power users, senior managers, or information systems professionals? Does your project need to reach more than one of these groups? Do you want any promotional material added? Do you want to see benefits inside your technical documents? Would you like the same tone and style that you previously used for materials, or are you looking for something different?

2) Can we use any existing reference materials you find helpful?

Your materials help me understand your company, and what you want to say about your products and services. You'll let me know if you want to use some of them in their original format, or adapt them to meet your new needs.

3) Let's start by writing an outline, and small section of the material you need.

You decide what your project is about, and what sections you want to see first.

people 2We’ll work together to provide value and a solid return on investment for the technical writing you receive.
Let us create your technical communication!


Contact us at (813) 964-9085 to discuss how we can solve your technical communication problems.






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