“It's better to look forward than backward."


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The Right Words for Results

Technology Grants

Fulfill Your Goal for Better Lives with Proposals and Grants that Open Doors of Opportunity

Lesley Peters wants to help you get ready for, pursue, and win grants to match your goals and passion. If you are unsure about putting a proposal project together, we want to support your efforts. As a grant consultant, our job is to assist non-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions determine and manage your grant projects.

"Lesley Peters gathered information and prepared the technical and assisted with the cost portions of the Farm to Flag grant proposal, a $16,000,000 plus grant proposal for the United States Department of Agriculture. Through this effort she well demonstrated the following:

  • outstanding professionalism, leadership, and teamwork skills.
  • the talent of gathering complex and detailed information from subject matter experts, and the ability to conduct extensive research of electronic and other sources to create an outstanding proposal.
  • a work ethic to invest whatever it takes to deliver a superior product and nothing less; a trait to be admired.

    -- Randy Berridge, President, Florida High Tech Corridor, Inc.

Proposal and Grant Planning

If you need assistance preparing for reaching out to funding sources that are appropriate for your project, we can put together a plan that:

  • defines your mission
  • helps gather pertinent information you need for your grant
  • identifies and describes your projects, with an eye to searching for appropriate funders

Research for Grants and Proposals

We have extensive database experience, and provide both broad searches for funding opportunities or specific searches to support your particular projects, or goals. Our goal is to find the correct grant or proposal that meets your requirements as closely as possible.

The Importance of Effective Grant Writing

When preparing a grant for submission, you concentrate on your mission and your need for grant funds. Once we understand your vision for the future, we write your proposal or grant, explaining how your mission and goals match those of the funder. You want to be able to be demonstrate that the money you receive is in your organization’s best interests, as well as the funders' interests. We help you write the words to help you success to getting that funding.

Our Philosophy

We do not work on a contingency or percentage fee of a grant. We believe that is a professional conflict of interest.
We cannot guarantee you that you will be funded. We can guarantee we will meet your deadline, write a compelling request, and submit a professional, thoughtful set of documents.

Want to learn more about our consulting services for proposals and grants?

Please contact us to learn more about how we work with our clients to help them realize their dreams.