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The Right Words for Results

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting Brings You More Readers

SEO copy writing is all about writing quality content for the search engine programs that look at your content, and place you higher in their rankings. Search engine optimization uses keywords and keyword phrases to drive quality, targeted traffic to your website.

The first step is to write content appealing to your readers, and is relevant to their needs. In other words, good content comes before anything else. Besides quality content, your copy includes the right words based on what people look for when they are searching for your product, service, or to do research on your business type. SEO copywriting means your content has:

• Keyword-rich words to help those search engines find you      easily
• Headlines that catch your readers’ eye, and make them    want to learn more
• Internal links on your site to connect your readers to all the    information they need, while improving your SEO rankings
• Copywriting that’s written well, makes sense, and isn’t            repetitive or awkward

Persuasive SEO copywriting brings you increased traffic and readers looking for the services you offer, supports your business goals, and keeps prospects staying on your web pages.

Web Content

Search engine key words (search terms) for visitors to find you on the Internet become part of the copy for your webpage. SEO copy improves your web pages, increases your search engine rankings, and promotes conversions and sales.

If you have visitors stay at your website, reading your articles, looking at your press releases, reviewing your case studies, your chances for them becoming interested are enhanced with quality SEO writing.


Bloggers find you more easily with SEO copywriting, and direct their readers to your website, building inbound links to your website.

Press Releases

Press releases, using rich keywords rate higher in news searches to give your release all the attention it deserves. A SEO press release is written to appeal to your readers, as well appear to the search engines. You’ll get keyword phrases that are meaningful, relevant, and support your release.

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