""communicate... to impart (knowledge) or exchange (thoughts, feelings, ideas) by speech, writing, gestures, etc. ... from Latin communicate to share, from communis common."


The Collins English Dictionary, Second Edition, 1986









The Right Words for Results

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Qualified Communication Services

Not sure how to write your message? Trying to find your way to reach your customers, or in-house staff? Unsure how to explain your company? Concise, well-written materials are a great way to communicate with your audience. We'd be happy to work with you to find the right words. Click on the links below to see samples of our work.


Web Communication


Need to have the content for your web site updated? We provided the editing or content for the following web sites:


A3 Education Software

Bottom Line Process Technologies, Inc.

Cacao Cucina (Bottom Line Process Technologies, Inc.)

Cocoa Bean Source

J.D. Farrell and Associates

Solution Maniacs

Teresa Williams, Attorney


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Business Communication


Unsure how to express yourself about your business? We help businesses communicate more effectively with their audience.


"I hired Lesley Peters to be a content writer on one of my digital projects and recevied fantastic results. She sifted through a bunch of sales aids and documents that spanned across several product lines to highlight the main ideas. Lesley was always punctual and flexible with the project deadlines, which made her extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend using Lesley for any type of technical content writing."


-- Lindsey Howe, Tricycle Studies, Tampa, Florida


Business Biography for Management Consultant Executive

New! Business Proposal Package

Case Study for Mobile Application

Case Study Solution with Web Content and Social Media

New! Case Study Solution for Software Company

FAQ's for Your Business Continuity Plan

Political Candidate Brochure

Press Release Announcing Partnership and New Service for Consulting Company

New! Press Release Announcing New Web Site

Special Report on Labor Waste Software Solution

Tips on How to Give an Effective Presentation

New! White Paper for Consulting Company



"I'm one of those people who thinks I can handle all of the marketing stuff myself.  However, after staring at a blank page for some time trying to write a press release (with a how to book by my side), I realized I needed a professional.  And Lesley Peters is definitely a professional.  Not only did she do a phenomenal job but she was very easy to work with.

Lesley was extremely thorough in getting the full story and a full understanding of what we wanted to accomplish. There are reasons there are experts in this world, don’t do it yourself, definitely call Lesley."

-- Deborah Lassa, TLA Technologies, Tampa, Florida


Technical Communication


Bringing out a new technical product? Trying to describe your technical business to prospects?

We help technology companies explain how to use their products or what value their services provide.


Software Training Guide

Software Training Presentation Slides

Consulting Company White Paper



Community Communication


Giving back to our community is one of the great joys while owning a business.


TBTF Foundation Newsletter Fall, 2010

TBTF Foundation Newsletter Fall, 2009

TBTF Foundation Newsletter Spring, 2009

TBTF Foundation Newsletter Fall, 2008






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