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The Right Words for Results

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Tampa, Florida, July 14, 2009

Upcoming Speech Unlocks Web Content Ideas for Business Owners to Connect with Their Prospects

Learn “5 Things to Consider for Your Web Site Content . . . And One Good Tip for Each Thing” from a presentation by Lesley Peters from Qualified Communication SVCS, Tampa, Florida ( Peters is presenting at the PlanB Expo – Women Mean Business ( in Dunedin, Florida from 4-8 pm, on July 28.  The Expo’s theme is:  Helping Your Rethink How to Save, Earn, and Invest in Business and in Life.

Peters is speaking at the Plan B Expo which is being held at The Conmy Center, 750A San Salvador Drive, Dunedin, Florida. The purpose of the Expo, Women Mean Business, is to focus on women-owned and/or operated businesses in Pinellas County, Florida and surrounding areas.

The presentation focuses on how to create valuable web content for women business owners.

Writing web content for customers and prospects today means you have to focus from your customer’s point of view. Their priorities count more than anything else. However, most of us don’t always take the time to think of who our ideal customer is, and what we need to say to that ideal customer.  “Often, we don’t spend enough time giving our readers valuable content they can use,” says Lesley Peters, web content guru.

Peters helps companies improve their web content by describing their products and services in a meaningful way to prospective customers. “Writing web content that makes your readers sit up and take notice means you write to those readers and lets them know what’s in it for them,” says Peters, who works with small and medium-sized businesses.

The presentation, which takes place at 4 pm on July 28, 2009, tells expo attendees how to improve web content by thinking through their prospects’ eyes, instead of just touting their own benefits. Part of the presentation focuses on helping women business owners write down who their ideal customer is, what is known about them from where they hang out, how old they are, where they live, and what keeps those ideal customers  up at night. Peters is also going to explain to the audience that their website is a living, breathing, ever-changing entity and they must plan for it to evolve.

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