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Facebook Privacy

By Lesley Peters

Facebook - A Place to Carefully Consider Your On-Line Privacy!

Online privacy has been part of the Internet since it began. People have been concerned, and rightfully so. We hear and stories every day about how someone’s privacy is either invaded or stolen. Facebook, the social phenomenon of today, is not only a place where you can read all about people, their lives, their families, but can see pictures of them, as well as learn their thoughts, feelings, buying habits, and other private details.

Facebook is also fun, addictive, and a great way to find and meet others. It’s perfect for an on-line presence for re-connecting with old friends, advertising your products, and promoting your business. The dilemma for most of us is how to combine the best of Facebook, while protecting your privacy.

The best advice I have seen is to be as public as you want with only people you trust, and not public at all on the Internet in general. For starters, it’s always good to remember that everything on the Internet has its pluses and minuses. To be there means you need to take some care and know that information can be easily seen by others.

Facebook has a privacy link, which is the best place to start. They tell you upfront that “You should have control over your personal information.” In other words, you need to be in charge. The Facebook application has a whole section on Facebook safety.

Some privacy things to consider are:

1) Organizing your friends into lists. This feature is a great way to separate your friends, family, and professional groups. You can decide about the privacy settings for each group, including photos.

2) Removing yourself from Facebook search results. This option lets you turn off information about yourself showing up in search results by turning off your public visibility.

3) Tagging your photos as private. This feature ensures that you won’t have tagged photos or videos that you consider your own from showing up on your friends’ news feeds.

4) Making your contact information private. If you have contact information like your phone number or email, you may not want all Facebook friends to have that information. You can make sure it’s only seen by your special friends.

5) Sharing basic information only on poke, message and friend requests. When you contact someone on Facebook via a poke, message or a friend request, the contact is allowed to see your profile temporarily. You may want to set the profile information to let them only view your basic profile information. The bottom line about Facebook is that it’s a public website.

Whatever you show on their website, make sure you are proud and happy to have it there!



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