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5 Things to Consider for your Web Site Content … And One Good Tip for each Thing

By Lesley Peters


Online readers are looking for solid information. They want information that is meaningful, and is a solution to their challenge or problem. Today, writing effective Web content means you want to focus your message on how your customer benefits from the services you offer. Your writing should be seen through your customer’s eyes. Here are 5 things to consider:

First . . . Know thy Audience

Create a full picture of your readers. Who are you ideal customers? Where do they hang out? How old are they, and where do they live?

Tip: Write down everything about your perfect prospect . . . what they like, what their challenges are, and what makes them “tick”.

Second . . . Have a Tag Line.

A tag line is a short phrase that tells people about you. You want a catchy phrase that sums up your product or service, so that your readers remember you. A compelling statement including your unique selling proposition is perfect! A great example of a tag line is YouTube: Broadcast Yourself.

Tip: Write a tag line that easily explains you. Add it next to your company name, and put it on all your web pages.

Third - Marketing Copy

• Going from We to You

Ensure that your copy connects with your readers. Use the words . . . “you” and “your”. Use “we” in small doses. Focus on your prospects’ needs. Tip: Count the “You’s” and “We’s” on Each Page

• Write Clear Headings Headings are your page outline. They help you group information for writing, and give your readers a logical order.

Tip: Write and read your headings out loud to see if they explain the ideas you want to present. Then, add your copy.

• What about benefits vs. features? Features are distinctive characteristics about your offering. Benefits are advantages your buyers receive from features.

TIP: Create a table of features and benefits. The benefits become the copy you want to include on your site.

• Give Useful Information Add “reasons why” to your copy.

Tip: Create a FAQ’s page.

Fourth - Build Trust.

People like to buy from those they know, trust or respect.


• Add photos of yourself and your products. • Add testimonials They act as a referral and even an endorsement.

• Add a Privacy Statement Have a privacy statement. Let people know you don’t share their information.

Fifth - Make your Site Expandable.

You want to be able to change and add to the site so that it reflects your business. Technology changes at breakneck speed. Blogs and articles are “in” today . . . who knows what’s going to be “in” tomorrow? Tip: Know that your site’s content changes and evolves. Try to leave room for your brainchild’s growth.

Great content equals more sales and profit for you. Keep those readers coming back!




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