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Case Studies for Marketing Number 2 - How to Write Them and Generate More Publicity

By Lesley Peters

You’ve chosen your client, and are meeting with them to discuss the contents of your case study. Ask your client to provide you with any relevant materials that highlight their strategic initiatives and business goals that dovetail with your solution. Be sure you can describe how your solutions integrated with other areas of your customer’s business. Tell them you would like a description of the “before” and “after” of the problem they had, with the major challenges they faced.

After your meeting, send a hand-written thank-you note, or a small gift if it’s appropriate, to show your appreciation.

Writing the Case Study

You return to your office to write your study. (see Case Studies for Marketing Number 1 -What Are They All About?) for the general outline. Include information about why your client selected you to solve their problem, and how your helped them. Provide any genuine comments or quotes from the client that provides your readers with clear facts that explain what they can expect when doing business with you. Include any details about your business relationship, and potential for future work together.

When you write the study, highlight that you have a happy customer, and what benefits you provided. You want to explain how your company can be trusted and how your solution made a real difference to your client.

If you need examples of other case studies, the Internet is a rich resource. Search for “examples of case studies in . . . ” (your client’s specific industry). You’ll find a gold mine of information.

Add any market research that underscores your benefits, explains why the industry needs your solution, or other quotes that highlight your accomplishments.

At the bottom of the article, include any specific information about your company, your business history, contacts in your company, and a link to both companies’ websites. Include a link to any pages on your website that describe the product or service mentioned in the study. This section is short and concise.

The next step is to send your article back to your client, and make sure you receive approval of the article in a reasonable time. Stress the benefit for them (you’ll be showcasing and publicizing their company by demonstrating how they do business more effectively).

Marketing With Your Case Study

Once you receive approval from your client, you want to pitch this article to market your company, and add value by telling your story in many different ways:

• Submit the article to a trade magazine, or bloggers in your client’s industry, as well as your industry.

• Add the case study to your website.

• Create and submit a press release describing your success story.

• Highlight the case study in your company newsletter, with a link to your website.

• Distribute the case study to sales staff, and to employees that interface with your customers.

• Use the case study in sales presentations (or use important points from the study).

• Give them away to prospects, or at trade shows.

• Mention the case study on Facebook or twitter.

Your case study is a sales and marketing tool for you; a publicity vehicle for your client; and a success story for prospects to demonstrate your product or service in action.

What a great way to prove your capabilities!



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