The Right Words for Results

Convince Your Prospects Your Business Has Just What They Need

Use Powerful Communication to Reach Them

You need to get the right words out to your readers. As a business owner, how will you manage your website content, social media, and other publicity materials? Or, how will you, as a non-profit leader, find the time to write that grant, or convincing proposal? If you are someone who doesn’t have time to write, or doesn’t think that’s one of your strengths, there’s a solution!


Hire a freelance writer to write the content you need to make your business sizzle, and your non-profit proposals connect with funders.  

Lesley Peters has been writing for businesses for over 20 years. She’s started with a career in technology, doing writing, creating marketing materials, and writing business documents in the corporate world in Chicago, and Tampa, Florida.  She started her own business in 2005, and has been helping small and medium sized businesses, as well as non-profits, communicate with words that fit their customers, reach out to them in a way that is understandable, and written from the customer’s point of view to give customers just what they need. 

Lesley works with her clients as a trusted advisor by writing in a voice that resonates with prospects to they learn all they need to know before making a decision to buy.


Her clients get better outcomes with the right words by:  

Increasing profits. Lesley’s expertise delivers content to you that sells, educates, and motivates your prospect to invest in your products and services.


Delivering projects that are cost-effective. When you work with Lesley, you have a project that’s delivered on time and within your budget only when you need her.  You’ll know before you begin what your project will cost. You have her guarantee you won’t have any unexpected charges or hidden costs when she writes for you.


Using her expertise to say just what needs to be said.  Lesley brings a solid set of experience with writing, grammar, industry backgrounds, and a unique way to say just what you want in just the right words.


Providing a fresh approach with new ideas. She gives you a fresh slant on your business so that you don’t have to say the same thing in the same way you have in the past. She’ll offer ideas you may not have considered, or that you haven’t dreamed of yet.

Offering a skillful set of eyes.  Lesley’s eyes are trained to see the grammar errors, the misspelled words, and words that are unclear, foggy, or don’t make good sense. She also makes sure you don’t forget anything that’s necessary or important. She’ll correct your errors, and misspellings, and change your text so that it is clear, and explains just what you want and what your audience needs.


Lesley Helps Your Business Flourish by Providing Exactly the Copy You Need.


If you are considering hiring someone because you don’t have the time to write your own copy, Lesley can create copy that is going to be written from your customer’s perspective, and clearly explains the benefits you have to offer.  And here’s what you’ll reap when working with her:


1. You’ll get new life for your communications. Stale words and old messages go out the window. Lesley uses her industry experience, her word-smithing savvy, and writing experience to bring a breath of fresh air to your copy. If you have a special industry, she’ll ask you all kinds of questions, many of which your prospects will have, too.  She’ll look at your business with an open eye, and novel insights.

Your customers will see new information, with an added twist you may not have originally considered. And, it will be written to your standards, and your expectations.


2. You’ll get a writer who can write many types of communication.  Lesley has a large portfolio of samples she can share with you.  If you are looking for web content, press releases, proposals and grants, newsletters, articles, social media, brochures, or sales scripts from one person, she can offer all of those services. You’ll be able to use the same person in many different ways to describe you and your business. She's willing to work twice as hard for you, because she'll be thrilled to have your repeat business.


3. You’ll have the inside track on information with latest research, and competitive information. Lesley does research and looks at your competition when she writes for you. You’ll be able to get an inside track on what the world is offering, with reliable sources so you know who’s saying what and where they are saying it. She’ll provide you any competitive information you seek so that you’ll have the skinny on what other people are doing who are in similar businesses.


4. You’ll have a writing assistant who adds to your staff’s capabilities. When you hire Lesley, it’s as if you’ll have a staff member who writes for you whenever you need her.  Besides, it's even better to have someone on call without having to pay them a staff salary!


She brings writing experience that your employees may not have. She can write for you in a variety of styles and voices if needed. Lesley becomes a support system for your organization to free your staff or yourself to concentrate on their strengths. You’ll have a consultant who will bring partners to your table and a new network of contacts who can work with you if your need them  – designers, videographers, printers, and webmasters.


5. You’ll get an excellent editor if you want to write materials yourself. Lesley provides editorial services for those clients who would rather than do the writing themselves.  She gives insightful advice and ideas about whether your writing flows in the direction you want, and how the words fit together. She can also tell you what’s missing, and if you left out important points.


If you are considering using the services of a freelance writer, contact Lesley to learn how she can help you target your writing, and make you irresistible to your prospects and funders.


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